Reality of life!

  • The poor go to great lengths to eat.
    ✅ Walks rich miles, to digest food.
  • No one has a one-time bread to eat.
  • No one has time to eat.
    ✅ Someone is helpless, so sick.
  • Someone is sick, so helpless.
    ✅ Someone leaves bread for their loved ones.
    ✅ Someone leaves their own for bread.
  • How strange this world is, to think when you have time.
  • We used to cry when there was a small injury, today we recover even when our heart is broken.
    ✅ We used to live with friends, today we live in the memories of friends.
  • Before, fighting was a daily routine, today we fight once, then relationships are lost.
    زندگی Life really taught us a lot, knowing when to make us so big.
    Life is short, live with love

Published by aliabidclicks

I am a English lecturer in Pakistan Public School.

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