Wisdom of Umar R.A

Once a Christian wrote a few questions and sent them to Hazrat Omar Farooq (RA). He told him that the answers to these questions were needed. The Christian’s questions were –
1- Two children were born from the womb of a mother and both were born at the same time on the same day and then both died on the same day. One is a hundred years older and the other is a hundred years younger. Who were they both and why? May be ?
2- What is the earth where the sun has risen only once from the beginning of creation to the Day of Judgment and has never risen before and will never rise again?
3- Which is the grave whose burial was also alive and the grave was also alive and the grave kept walking its burial then the buried came out of the grave and died alive?
4 – What is a prisoner who is not allowed to breathe in prison and is alive without breathing?
After reading the Christian’s questions, Hazrat Umar (RA) called Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas (RA) and said, “Write down the answers to these questions.” Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas (RA) wrote down the answers to these questions.
1- The two brothers who were born on the same day and died on the same day, then one brother is 100 years younger and the other is 100 years older. These two brothers are Hazrat Aziz (as) and Hazrat Uzair (as). The day of their birth and the day of their death is also the same, but in the meanwhile Allah Almighty, in order to show His perfect power, caused death to befall Hazrat Uzair (as) for one hundred years – then after one hundred years he came back to his home And then he survived, then the two brothers died on the same day – so Hazrat Uzair (as) was a hundred years younger and Hazrat Aziz (as) was a hundred years older –
2 – The land on which the sun once rose in all ages and never rose before and will never rise again – the land is the bottom of the Red River – where Pharaoh drowned and Moses (peace be upon him) crossed with the people By the miracle of Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) the river dried up and the sun dried up the bottom of the river very soon by the command of God. Prophet Moses (peace be upon him) crossed the river with his people and Pharaoh drowned. Came out only once and will never come out again –
3 – The grave whose grave and grave were both alive and the grave kept walking its burial was the fish of Hazrat Yunus, the grave was also alive and the grave was also alive and the fish kept taking you for a walk in the sea then you came out of the belly of the fish Alive then died
4 – A prisoner who does not breathe in prison and lives without breathing is a child who is imprisoned in his mother’s womb and God did not mention his breathing nor does he breathe and then he lives Is –
After writing these answers from Hazrat Abdullah bin Abbas, Hazrat Umar Farooq sent them to the Christian king, so the Christian king, seeing these answers, said that maybe there is a prophet alive among the Muslims now because these answers are none other than the prophet. Can’t tell – (Ahsan al-Qasas, p. 262)

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