Eid ul Azha! Islamic festival.

Hazrat Ibrahim A.S was the prophet of Allah, sent to a tribe Arab. Where the Makkah is situated there occurred a big sacrificial job regarding Hazrat Ismael A.S the son of Hazrat Irahim. Hazrat Ibrahim A.S lonely spent his life with his wife Hajra. When he was eighty years old become Allah gave him a son named Ismael A.S whom loved alot.

Oneday Allah sent Jibrael A.S (Angel) to Ibrahim to sacrifice his son for Him, on hearing this he looked to sky and said Oo Allah! You thought Ismael’s love took away from you. I’m agree with you and took his son where the Makkah is stuated to scarifice his son. When he was ready to sacrifice his son Allah sent a sheep from Jannat and sacrified. After that Hazart Ibrahim A.S and Hazrat Ismael A.S constructed Makkah. Now there the thousands of Muslim perform Hajj every year 10 Zilhaj and sacrifice millions of goat, sheep, lamb and cows in the remembrance of Hazrat Ibrhim A.S and Hazrat Ismael A.S. Thus Hazrat Ibrahim A.S gave many sacrifices in the way Allah.

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I am a English lecturer in Pakistan Public School.

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