Fake Relations!

Once a time, when we were children we were the most respectful for the parents, teahers, elders and neighbours. We looked after eachother in every time passing good or bad. In the fear we did not sit with our father and teacher. Brother took after sisters, sisters took after brothers, it was a true love among the relations. But nowadays there is no brother and no sister everyone is going on his direction. Children disrespect their parents. The students also disrespect their teacher, they think that teacher is a hired person who teaches them getting money. But it is not civilization of us. We should look back 1400 years ago, what was the standard of civilization. No one knows who we are, where we’re going, and what is purpose of life. We’re running like an animal. Allah made the world for human not for animals. But animals are made/created for human. Being human we should respect our elders, teachers and every kind of man who Allah created for. We should think better for society and proved example for later.

Published by aliabidclicks

I am a English lecturer in Pakistan Public School.

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