Reality of life!

  • The poor go to great lengths to eat.
    ✅ Walks rich miles, to digest food.
  • No one has a one-time bread to eat.
  • No one has time to eat.
    ✅ Someone is helpless, so sick.
  • Someone is sick, so helpless.
    ✅ Someone leaves bread for their loved ones.
    ✅ Someone leaves their own for bread.
  • How strange this world is, to think when you have time.
  • We used to cry when there was a small injury, today we recover even when our heart is broken.
    ✅ We used to live with friends, today we live in the memories of friends.
  • Before, fighting was a daily routine, today we fight once, then relationships are lost.
    زندگی Life really taught us a lot, knowing when to make us so big.
    Life is short, live with love


Corona also killed and also believed !!!
Prepare your children for the time to come, physically, mentally and spiritually in every way …
The coming age is a time of difficulties and wars
Gone are the days of leaving college with degrees and looking for jobs.
Now that we have stepped into the world of the antichrist, further tribulations will be more severe … What is necessary to survive and avoid tribulations?

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